French School Admits 15 Sheep As Students To Escape Being Shutdown

Fifteen sheep have been signed up as the latest recruits at a French primary school to boost pupils number after authorities announced plans to close a class.

According to BBC, the school identified as Jules Ferry school in Crêts-en-Belledonne, a village of fewer than 4,000 people at the foot of the French Alps, experienced a fall in number of student from 266 to 261 and was informed that one of its 11 classes would be shut down.

Following the sanction, the school resulted to including sheep with names such as “Baa-bete” and “Saute-Mouton” to the school register after reviewing their birth certificate.


Reports however, show that parents are in support of the new development.

“National education is unfortunately only numbers. And so now, with this surge in numbers, we are good,” Gaelle Laval, one of the parents behind the initiative, told Le Parisien newspaper.

“We can go see the director of the academy to assert our rights and save our class.”



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