‘He Won’t Cheat On You’– Ladies Speak On Marrying Virgin

To abstain from sex absolutely until marriage has always been a touchy subject. Some form of virtue has always been attached to those who are virgins. But for some, being a virgin could be a turn-off while others see it as rare virtue.


THE WHISTLER spoke to ladies on whether they will consider a virgin man for marriage and the responses were divergent.

Nnenna Chukwu, a hostess at Abuja Lounge said, “Yes, I can marry a virgin. But I will have to see his nakedness to see what I’m in for before we get married, that will be the agreement. “

She added that,  “If after marriage he is naïve about bedroom matters, I will teach him since he is my husband, and if the problem is that he doesn’t last in bed, we will seek medical advice.

 “Another reason I will consider marrying a virgin is the higher chances of faithfulness. There is an adage that says one that has defeated fornication, can defeat adultery. I can tell you for free that if he can keep himself till the moment you met him, there’s a heavy probability he won’t cheat on you forever. Your mind will be rest assured even if you are not with him.”

But Cynthia Miracle, an Abuja base hairstylist said, “I won’t settle for a virgin because such a person will be sexually naive. I want to get married to a man not a boy, because marrying a virgin is not even a guarantee that the marriage will last.


“Even if I meet someone who is a virgin such person has to lose it in the course of the relationship because I must know what I’m marrying, you understand. Marriage is a lifetime commitment so I won’t even consider it.”

 Pretty Olamide said, “I don’t care about whether he is a virgin or not, although I have not met one yet. I know it’s going to be a lot of work to teach a virgin some sexual things but it’s not a guarantee for a happy marriage or that he won’t cheat.” 

Similarly, Sonia Badmus said, “Yes, I can. My partner’s sexual history doesn’t really matter to me, and if he’s a virgin and doesn’t even have a sexual history, that’s okay as well.”


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