Here’s a Fool-Prood Method To Spot A Fake Designer WristWatch

You’ve probably seen them conspicuously displayed in huge numbers on wide tables or purpose crafted show-glasses in every market or mall in major Nigerian Metropolis, with prices too good to be true. 

At a first brief glance, unless you’re not a watch freak like most Nigerian men, they’re fairly indistinguishable from the originals.

Except you are just willing to disregard the red flags, or ignorantly want to go authentic watch shopping in a corner key-clamp with shady looking characters brandishing expensive looking wrist watches at ₦10,000, you’re pretty sure it’s not an original Rolex. 


(Tips On How To Spot A Fake Designer Watch)

Like the saying goes.. “Good things don’t come cheap”.But what if you got an incredibly irresistible offer that seems far more reasonable from a fairly trusted source, but you just want to be sure your bargain bling is the real deal. Watch portal have compiled an awesome infographic that’ll help you distinguish the fake from the authentic in 8 easy steps.


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