Hilda Baci: Physiotherapist Advises Guinness Record Breaker

After cooking for hundred hours on her feet, Hilda Effiong Bassey, popularly known as Hilda Baci , broke the Guinness World Record previously held by an Indian chef, Lata Tandon, who cooked for 87 hours.


Hilda Baci completed the 100 hours by 8pm on Monday, May  16  to beat Tandon’s record and make her country proud.

But after standing for 100 hours, a Physiotherapist, Mrs. Juliet Akan,  has suggested that the chef may be in danger of Musculoskeletal Disorder.

Musculoskeletal disorders describe diverse conditions affecting bones, joints, muscles, and connective tissues which may result in pain, loss of function and other health issues.

The physiotherapist has emphasized the significance of the Akwa-Ibom chef taking proactive steps to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and minimize the risk of related ailments after such an extraordinary feat.


Chef Hilda Baci

According to Akan, “Prolonged and frequent standing without some relief by walking could cause temporary joint immobilization in the spine, hips, knees and feet.

“It may cause chronic painful varicose veins inflammation. This is as a result of pooling of blood in the legs and feet.”

Furthermore, Mrs. Akan highlighted the risk of muscle spasms caused by prolonged standing. “Such immobility for at least two days could put stress on the back, leading to back pain and increased pressure on the back muscles. Swelling of the legs and feet could also occur, increasing the risk of heart disease.

To mitigate these risks, Mrs. Akan recommended series of preventive measures. Firstly, she advised Hilda Bacci  to engage in frequent walking for the first few weeks after her record-breaking attempt. “Walking would promote flexibility in the veins and muscles and improve blood circulation throughout her body.”


She added that Stretching exercises are also crucial in maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal system and as such encouraged Hilda to elevate her feet while lying down and engage in sports and exercise. These activities would help alleviate muscle tension and improve overall flexibility.

Additionally, Mrs. Akan emphasized the importance of thorough spine massages. The spine, she explained, “serves as the foundation upon which the entire body hinges. By addressing any potential issues or discomfort in the spine, Hilda could ensure the stability and well-being of her musculoskeletal system.”


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