How A N10m Deal Landed Me In Police Detention— Jaruma

Popular Aphrodisiac seller, Hauwa Saidu, professionally known as Jaruma, has explained how a deal of N10m landed her in police detention.

The aphrodisiac seller confirmed that she was arrested by the Nigerian Police.

It was rumored that Jaruma was arrested on Friday and a viral picture of her that surfaced online claimed that she was taken in a police station.

Confirming her arrest in a two-minute video, she noted that people were mocking her because of her arrest.

Jaruma said, “I don’t understand how someone will abuse you, and then you abuse the person and then the person will now use the Nigerian police to bully and intimidate you and silence you.

“I paid N10mfor a job that wasn’t done I complained, boom on my head.

“How many Nigerian youths do you want to put in prison? when people Google your name only the list of Nigerian youths that you have put in prison comes up? Only the list of Nigerian youths that you’ve put in prison comes up. So by the time you put all the Nigerian youths in prison, who will vote for you?”

Towards the end of the video, Jaruma noted that her experience was only a pattern through which she’d become the next President of Nigeria.

According to her, former President Olusegun Obasanjo was in prison before becoming president.

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