How Can You Build Eight Flyovers On One Road? – Asari Dokubo Questions Gov Wike’s Projects

A former Niger Delta agitator and now a promoter of “Biafra Government”, Asari Dokubo, has questioned the economic value of the projects being executed by the administration of Rivers State governor, Nyesom Ezenwo.

Dokubo asked what benefit eight fly-overs constructed on one road” would bring to the people who cannot afford cars.

Speaking at a meeting with Ogoni Liberation Initiative and Kalabari Unity Forum, Dokubo told his people that Wike had insulted them over the 2023 governorship of the state.

THE WHISTLER learnt the meeting was centered around how the riverine areas would produce a governor for the state come 2023.

According to Dokubo : “I am not fighting Wike because he is an lkwerre man. I am an Elibrada man. I won’t deny that I am lkwerre simply because Wike is mad. Because even in Kalabari, we have mad people.

“Any lkwerre man who sees the madness of Wike and supports him, he will be blamed when Wike stones people and the people are retaliating and the stone goes and hit them. If he’s not mad, how can he be building eight flyovers on on road? No economic value. How many of us can buy a car now?

“Julius Berger from Germany will collect our money and repatriate it back to their country. This is neocolonialism. People do not know the implications of wickedness of Wike.

“We are matching on this battle. Nobody in Ikwerre that is not eating Wike’s money is living as comfortable as I am living.
Outside, Obio-Akpor, no other place is developed in Ikwerre land. This sick man is deceiving People.

“People are begging that Wike should give us governorship. Even if he gives us governorship, we will not accept it. We will take it from him by force. We will meet man to man when the day comes. I will be alive to see the fall of Nebuchadnezzar.”

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  1. Eselebor EMMANUEL Obehiaghe says

    Asari is entitled to his opinion. He owes his mouth he can use it the way he likes.Wike is the correct Mr. Project. Carry on my governor.