How I Bought A Land In FCT One Year After Becoming Uber Driver-Effiong

In January 2020, Daniel Effiong quitted his job after he observed how lucrative the Uber business could be, especially for prudent and dedicated individuals.

The dark-skinned and father of two, has only been in the business for nine months when he bought a piece of land, along the airport road axis of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Buying the land in September, just after the pandemic had flattened was top of Effiong’s achievement in 2020 as he emphasized the need for dedication to one’s business.

He said, “All it takes is determination. Last year i bought a land immediately after the COVID-19 in September, and I was supposed to have started building but I need the money to deposit for this car.”

Effiong who begins his business at 6am and closes at 10pm daily said he makes over N100,000 weekly. “Just last week, I made up to N150,000,” he said in a chat with THE WHISTLER.

“The truth is if you are not disciplined, you may not be able to get benefits of this business because you are allowed to work at your pace and terms.

“There are some people that come out whenever they like, some spend their money the way they like, that is why I’m insisting on the need for prudence and dedication.”

He explained that the basic expenses involved in the business is car fuelling, repairs and servicing.

Citing an example of drivers who acquired cars under the rental arrangement, he said that some are made to remit just N20,000 weekly to the car owners, which also makes it possible for them to have a good ‘take home’ at the end of the month.

“As for me, this what I do for a living, and I think it is possible for everyone to succeed on the Uber platform.”

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