How I Was Sexually Assaulted At 17 – Chimamanda Adichie

Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, has revealed how she was sexually assaulted at age 17.

The award-winning author disclosed this during an address at Stockholm Forum for Gender Equality.

Adichie, said she had written a book of poems and had taken it to a ‘big man’ in the media firm who she felt would support her mission to have the poem introduced to the public.

The man after praising Adichie for writing a book was said to had slipped his hand into her clothes and then into her bra to squeeze her breast.

“I was so shocked that I did nothing for seconds but then, I pushed his hand away, gently, nicely, because I didn’t want to offend him.

“Later that day, I broke out in a rash on my face, neck and chest, as though my body was recoiling, as though my body was saying what my lips had not said,” she said.

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