How Lagos Lady Plans Exciting Low Budget Wedding

One of the most important things after engagement is to set a wedding budget that would not leave the couple reeling in debts.


Not many have the modesty and discipline to do this.

But a soon-to- be bride who spoke to THE WHISTLER shared how she and her fiancé are planning to have a unique “low budget” wedding.

Reda, a Lagos-based accountant, said she would not want to have any regrets about finance after her wedding so she and her partner have agreed on some cost-cutting measures that would still make the wedding memorable.

The couple first agreed to cut the guest list to 70 and planned the other wedding logistics around this figure.

Below are some of the ways they’re going to bring down their wedding budget:

Move the Wedding Out of the City

She said they decided to move their wedding out if Lagos.

“Lagos is freaking expensive so it will be easier to move family and friends without buying tickets. Most of them will use a short road trip.

“So, to manage this we have built a 70-man guest list, including strictly immediate family and best friends,” she said.

Choice of Venue


Reda disclosed that her white wedding and reception would take place in one hall and would be moderated by a family pastor to avoid unnecessary pastoral honorarium.

No Souvenir

She also advised that one of the ways to cut cost is to drop souvenirs or cakes during the traditional wedding.

“For my traditional wedding there wont be any souvenirs except someone else buys. They should eat food. No cake at all, after all cake isn’t traditional,” she declared.

No Home Service Make Up

” I’m going to the make up studio to do a simple makeup because my wedding is in the evening. Once those guys carry their boxes to your house, problem!,” She said.

No Change Of Outfits

She said, “I’m not dressing twice at traditional wedding. Just one outfit for traditional and white wedding. I’m making sure that the things I buy can be re-used on normal days or I can sell them off. I don’t plan to change for reception because the wedding is 2 hours.”

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