How Men Reacted To The Question: ‘Who Is More Active In Bed, Slim Or Large Women?’

Does the Size of a woman count when It comes to Sex? Perhaps, it does? For being very thin or fat appears to increase the odds that a man will experience sexual difficulty.


Many would agree that attraction or being sexy is a subjective experience and may have little to do with the size of a woman. And how a woman performs in “the other room” (apologies to President Buhari) may also have nothing to do with size.  

THE WHISTLER asked some men their views on who between slim and large size women are more sexually active. 

Mr. Faith Segun (a School Proprietor)

“Well, being more sexually active sometimes doesn’t have to do with the size and may be slim or fat  depending on the nature of the person. But actually we can say that slim ladies or women are more sexually active than the fat women because slim women with their size tend to explored more sex positions but fat women hardly do that. I think they do more of missionary style. In my opinion I think slim women are more sexually active since their body is flexible and able to perform.”

Mr. Ubong Ubong (businessman)


“I will say the slim ladies because she can carry herself and all that. Having sex with her is not stressful and is convenient. For the thick ladies it  is not all of them that can carry themselves, most of them are lazy. Sexually active is not really slim or fat, it is more of their sex drive because the thicker lady doesn’t want to stress herself to be having sex when she knows that is like work out for her. But the slim lady can climb the wall because it’s not hard for them.”

Mr. Femi Michael (an undergraduate)

“Being sexually active depends on maturity although I will go for a slim lady. You don’t have to stress yourself with her, you can turn her as you want, and which ever position you want, it’s easy for her to respond. Slim women all the way.”

Mr. Afeez Richard (an undergraduate)

 “Normally, how fat woman go dey sexually active? Na woman wey dey slim na dem dey over sexually active like 100% active. The fat ones are too lazy for bed nah! Few of the fat women try to dey active, na only mouth they get for bed and they go dey shout pass person wey dey do.”  


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