How NAPIMS Is Balancing Conflicting Interests Of Oil & Gas Stakeholders—Wunti

The Group General Manager, National Petroleum Investment Management Services, Bala Wunti, has said the company is balancing the various interests of stakeholders in the oil and gas sector in a manner that is fair to all.

He described stakeholders’ management as one of the key roles of NAPIMS, adding that the complexity of balancing the interest of these stakeholders is one of the top priorities of the company.

Speaking on the theme, “Covid-19: New oil and gas investment opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa, he described as “complex” the process of balancing stakeholders’ interest.

He, however, said that despite the challenges arising from the various disputes, NAPIMS has been able to play its role in achieving its objective while being competitive.

He stated, “Our security is an issue. it kept me away every day. Yesterday I got two videos in the night during the dinner and one in the morning during breakfast. All of them, they spoke for themselves.

“People are bursting pipelines and allowing the oil to float in the gutter. I’m sure many of us must have received that video. When you see this kind of thing, it keeps me awake.

“We have a lot of disputes, but I’m glad we have gotten the solution of this dispute. We’ve signed the one health dispute resolution.

“I’m very proud of this agreement, disputes create a very depressing situation in my heart, these are the things that keep me awake.

“In the context of that, we are also expected to consider who do we work for? Who do we deliver barrels for or to? You call it government, you call it investors like the Shell, and any other person, the society itself because the society expects minimum responsibility from us; the employees we have the contactors, community, and customers.

“The challenge is, it’s easy to see this roll call but each one of them has a very competing need with the other. The balancing of this is where the problem is.

“The community wants to keep taking. And so, in this group, they are several people that want everything for nothing. In this group, they are others who want something for what they have done but they want it big, how do we create it?

“But it becomes even more complex because of the need in this work that we started, the need for you to be in perpetuity of compliance, perpetuity of collaboration, and perpetuity of competitiveness.”

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