How Sit-At-Home Enforcers Burnt BUA Cement Truck At Nsukka

Some miscreants who were stealing bags of cement from burnt BUA Cement truck at Nsukka, Enugu State, were stopped by operatives of the Nigeria Police, THE WHISTLER reports.

This medium earlier reported that the BUA truck was set ablaze at the Beach junction, Nsukka, by men suspected to be enforcing Monday’s sit-at-home.

An eye witness said, “The gunmen forced the driver of the truck to pull off, and shot some bullets into the gas tank of the vehicles, which sparked off the inferno.”

However, the gas didn’t explode to cause more havoc. Thus, half of the cement bags were still intact.

Another witness said, “Some people wanted to cash into the calamity. They had started evacuating some bags of cement for their private use, but for the quick intervention of men of the Nigeria Police.

“The miscreants succeeded, but not much. The police were swift.”

Meanwhile, there was commotion at the scene of the fire when police operatives guarding the premises arrested a young man who was recording the burning truck with his phone, and whisked him away.

“They want to make money from his arrest,” said an onlooker. “He didn’t do anything. They arrested him and drove off.”

The operatives later returned and stated shooting sporadically, forcing the observers to flee.

A policeman was heard saying, ‘no person should near here. If you near here, you are a dead man.”

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