How To Cook Pounded Yam, Okro Soup For The Family With N1000 In Abuja

The times are hard, everyone would agree. But in the Nation’s capital city, Abuja, prices of things, including food items, are going up the roof.

In most food markets in the city, the smallest basket of tomatoes could cost one thousand five hundred while a tuber of yam ranges from one thousand naira upwards.

But the shrewd average residents can still eat balance diet and give themselves culinary treats with just one thousand naira.

The first decision a resident has to make is to be selective about markets, and patronize where to get good bargain.

THE WHISTLER visited the Garki Model Market last Sunday May 15, after recommendations from some residents, to find out if one thousand naira was enough to cook pounded yam with Okro soup for at least three persons.

At Garki Model Market, virtually every household item are available for sale and the visitor’s first instinct is to think that items in the market would be quite expensive. But in the contrary, some things could be quite incredibly cheap!

With one thousand naira in the purse, the reporter entered the market and headed straight to the section where food items are sold.

The reporter was pleasantly surprised that one could buy ingredients for as low as N50!

To prepare a delicious Okro Soup and pounded yam, the reporter bought the following items:

portions of ingredients bought from Garki Model Market
  • Okro  N100
  • Beef N200
  • Palm Oil N100
  • Crayfish N50
  • Iru (locust Bean) N50
  • Ponmo( Cow skin) N100
  • Seasoning (Maggi) N50
  • Fresh pepper N100
  • Slice of Yam N200

Total Expenses: N950

After preparing the meal with the above ingredients, four colleagues ate the food and testified it was “very delicious!”

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