‘I Did Everything Possible To Remain In Barcelona’-Says Messi During Farewell Speech

Lionel Messi was soaked in tears throughout a press conference at the Camp Nou to bid farewell ahead of his reported move to Paris Saint- German.

Messi cried as he stood up to face the press at the start of his press conference as he took a tissue from his wife to wipe the tears.

Barcelona had last week released a statement that Messi will no longer be at the club after a new deal was impossible due to La Liga wage cap and the club’s financial situation.

But the Argentine during the conference admitted that he wanted to remain at the club.

“This year, my family and I were convinced we were going to stay at home, that’s what we all wanted more than anything,” he said.

The six-time Ballon d’ Or winner did not confirm if he has reached any deal with PSG.

He continued, “We’d always made this our own, we were at home. We thought we would be staying here in Barcelona. But today, we have to say goodbye to all of this.

“I did everything possible and the club, Laporta, couldn’t do it because of La Liga.

“I’ve heard things said about me, that I didn’t want to continue, but in my life, we did everything we could because I wanted to stay.

“Last year, I didn’t want to stay and I said it; this year, I wanted to stay and we couldn’t.

“I tried to behave with humility and respect and I hope that is what remains of me when I leave the club.”

Asked how he thinks the club will cope without him, Messi said, “Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world, they have an amazing line-up.

“A lot of players will come and go, and like Joan Laporta said, this club is more important than any one person.

“People will get used to it, at first it will be weird but like everything, people will get used to it.

“They have great players, a great squad and in the end, it will be easy for them.”

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