‘I Have A Huge Appetite For Sex’

A lady identified by her Instagram handle @african_duchess_supremacy has revealed that she has a massive desire for sex.

The plus size vlogger disclosed this in a 60 minutes interview section.


“I love sex guys don’t get me wrong, as a matter of fact, I have a huge appetite for it. But the way the society now see sex as something you can buy on OLX is not looking normal anymore

“Yeah one night stand etc can be normal for a lady that doesn’t want to get emotionally attached to anyone due to some past and emotional trauma but all the same there should be self-respect, class and dignity’’ she explained.

“The model that is not frightened to show off her curvy thick body even to the extent of going nude addressed sex as not being a normal thing but something that should be had with self-respect.

“Social media lately has been terrible with the way it has painted sex as a normal thing, guys it is not a normal thing it is something you should have with self-respect don’t let all this reality shows and American life gets to you, if you meet this one knack am meet that one knack am before you go knack father and son with uncle you won’t know and Karma will slap you right in the face.


“Lately people said there is no big deal having sex on TV etc,my dear it is a big deal if you want to be a porn star be a porn star you can’t go on national TV get bleeped and later coming out being brand ambassador and thinking that’s the goal, what about the goal for the future the record and legacy you want to keep ?’’ she asked.

She went further to differentiate fling from prostitution as she said it is okay for ladies to have a fling, at least once in a lifetime.

“I have dated few guys in my past or let me say fling few guys and we don’t talk anymore but when they slide in my DM they talk to me with respect and mind their speech this is simply because I positioned what we had as something of respect and something we both enjoyed and valued I didn’t low my standard simply because I enjoyed the whole thing but I made a mark that gives the understanding of ‘Dude we both enjoyed this’.

‘’Fling is far different to prostitution or being a loose woman, don’t mix them. Process of flinging comes with circumstances, for instance, I have stayed calibrated for 1 year and some months but needed sex and still don’t want it to come with drama all I need to do is link up with a man that I know he talks to me with respect understand that right now this is nothing serious this is just us two mature people trying to enjoy the moment. This is far different from when I have to spread my legs for money or make sex an obligation’’.


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