‘I’ll Celebrate Val By Settling Marital Disputes’ – Pastor

The day of romance, love and charity everyone has been anticipating is finally here.

While many will go out with their loved once today, a cleric of The Apostolic Church said Pastor Samuel Edon will spend his day bringing love between couples.

Pastor Edon is concerned about marital breakups and intends to use his pastoral calling to help couples keep their marriages.


Speaking with THE WHISTLER, the cleric of said he would be teaching couples on how to exhibit love to one another during the valentine, as love is more of a practical word than theoretical.

“I have not really planned for my Val celebration this year but I would love to make it a time where I will help to settle marital dispute in marriages, more like a talk show, that we will discuss how love can be shared by both partners to keep peace in the home and also do the same for people who are courting and in relationship.

“When love is not practiced it becomes a problem. It’s easy to say I love you even 100 times, but do we practice love. Christ says He loves us and came to die for us, so that is the practical’s of the word love,” Pastor Samuel Edon said.


Edon further clarified that love is supposed to be expressed every day and not necessarily February 14.

“As long as humans exit it is in our place to show love to one another every day. St. Valentine due to situations, tagged 14 February as his special day to show love to certain individuals or community but to Christians, we are supposed to show love to the less privileged every day.”


speaking futher on the place of love in a marriage, the cleric enjoined Nigerians to show love to their neighbours in the time of pains, crises and challenges, without conditions as emphasised by the word of God.

“Today we should plan to give people hope when they thought all was lost and not taking people to eateries, party and the rest because that turns valentine to a worldly celebration.

“Valentine has to do with love in totality, so to me, this year by the grace of God I will apart from the talk show for the married and singles, I will visit the hospitals, and pay the bills of those who are unable to afford it.”


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