‘I’ll Rather Eat Iron Than Propose To A Man’- Women Shot Down Idea Proposing Marriage

The marriage institution has undergone tremendous changes since the feminist generation appeared on the scene.


The generation of the 70s and 80s had traditions for marriage proposals carved in the stone, as only guys were expected to propose marriage to their partners.

But these days, nothing is sacrosanct anymore and the new generation of ladies are more independent and more daring, characteristics that have affected the institution of marriage. 

If men were the ones expected to make marriage proposals to their female partners in the past, it is no longer eye-popping these days to see a woman ask the question.

But that is not to say there is now a reversal of roles. Many women still prefer to see their male partners kneel in front of them with a ring while posing the question: would you marry me?

THE WHISTLER spoke to a cross section of women  to get their views on whether they can make marriage proposal to their guy.


Ijeoma James(Medical doctor)

“I rather chew  iron than propose to a man.

“It’s cute and nice.But what about the follow up?

“Are my parents supposed to go meet his? Am I supposed to give him money to plan the wedding or plan the wedding and invite him like a guest?  These are the issues”

Susan Akpan(Makeup Artist)


“No. But I am not against those doing it o.

“He that finds a wife, has found a good thing and obtain favour from God, not the other way round.

“The bible says a man will leave his mum and dad and cling to a woman, not the other way round”


“For me personally, it depends on my partner. If he is open- minded, I can propose. I know someone who proposed to her boyfriend and they got married. If the man doesn’t feel anything wrong with it, I can go ahead.

Sarah (Banker)


“It’s a no no for me. When he starts acting up, he would say you asked him to marry you. He didn’t ask you to marry him.

“If he starts misbehaving tomorrow, he’ll say you are the one that proposed that he never wanted to be with you so I wouldn’t even think of proposing.”


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