‘I’m Just Trying To Be Strong For My Kids,’– Tearful Obidi Speaks On Divorce Saga

Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, has revealed why she is faking being strong on social media in the ongoing divorce with her American husband, Justin Dean.

Obidi explained that she can’t tell her side of the story now because she is currently not strong enough to do so.

However, the dancer added that as soon as she is stronger, she would tell the world what led to the divorce.


The US-based Nigerian stated that she was trying to stay strong for her kids who are looking up to her.

Obidi lamented that she was being judged because of her husband’s one-sided story concerning their divorce.

Dean had announced that he would divorce his wife last month, a few days after they welcomed their second daughter together.

Speaking on the divorce, she said, “You might see me looking strong. You might see me dancing, you might see me trying to keep things together and when you see me doing that, just know that I’m just trying to hold things together. I’m just trying to be strong for my girls.

“I cope with dance and I cope with expressing through my craft. I just want to say that I’m not gonna go here and say anything bad about my husband.

“I miss my family. I miss everything. I’m not a robot, I’m just trying to make ends meet, and to cope, to make sure that I am there, the struggle figure that my girls can look at and see and emulate. That’s what I’m trying to do.

“In time, when I’m strong I will tell my own side of the story. Please be empathetic and be kind with your words.”

Dean had voiced out about his divorce for some time now and had declared openly that he would be filling out the paperwork soon.

Dean who recently made a post on Instagram pointed out that he was leaving the marriage because of his mental health.

He wrote, “I’m heartbroken! Anyone that knows me or watches me online knows that I’m a dedicated family man to both Korra and my children.”


Korra ObidiObidi Speaks On Divorce
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