‘I’m Raising My Daughters To Consider Themselves Equal To Men,’ Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze


Nigerian television presenter known as Daddy Freeze has said he is raising his daughters to consider themselves equal to men in privileges, opportunities and rights.

Daddy freeze took to his Instagram page to reveal that if his daughter should slap a man and he retaliates, he doesn’t expect her to come back crying to him.

Freeze who think men and women have equal right and place in the society, said he has raised his daughters to see themselves as equals.


“I raise my daughters to consider themselves equal to men in privileges, opportunities, and rights. If my daughter should slap a man, she CAN never come crying to me, claiming that she was slapped by a man, if she slapped the man first. As long as what the man gives her is in equal measure to what she gave him, I won’t take her side. This is how I raise my daughters. ” he wrote.

His statement comes few days after a video of a woman beaten by a man went viral.

Daddy Freeze is known as a controversial speaker on any trending issue in the media.


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