InfiNet Delivers Wireless System To Enhance Security At South American Port

The global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity, InfiNet Wireless, has successfully delivered a comprehensive modern wireless system to enhance the security measures of the Puerto de Mamonal sea port in Cartagena, Columbia.

The implementation of the InfiNet wireless system was due to the sensitive nature of the port’s operations and to monitor the handling of merchandise.

InfiNet, in a statement signed by it’s Senior PR Consultant, Natasha Pearson, said the solution entailed an InfiNet Wireless point-to-multipoint network, with security cameras, cabinets, transmission radios, data security and Wi-Fi network transmission.

The statement further stated that InfiNet was only able to deliver the solution which has extensively enhanced the monitoring and provision of security of the port’s territory in partnership with the Colombian communications solutions provider, Maicrotel SAS .

The staff of the seaport applauded InfiNet for its wireless solution, saying it has aided the port to have a reliable control system.

“The port security staff have been highly impressed by the system. The wireless solution delivers all of the closed-circuit audio and video data from the port to the control center 24 hours a day,” said José Arsenio Galvis, head of Puerto de Mamonal.

“We have had a timely response and the result of the implementation has been impeccable. It has allowed us to have a reliable control system, in addition to complying with the safety regulations that underpin the effective operation of the port terminal.

“InfiNet Wireless’ security system has also given the port the confidence to expand its area of operations and further investment in this state-of-the-art solution to safeguard the port is expected,” added Galvis.

Head of LATAM region at InfiNet Wireless, Carlos de Lamadrid, however, explained that “This successful implementation at Puerto de Mamonal demonstrates the immense versatility of InfiNet Wireless’ solutions to operate in a variety of markets and conditions.

“Given that this was the first time deploying our solutions at a seaport, the transition was seamless, and the operational efficiency has been flawless since. We look forward to seeing more projects like this rolled out in the future and for new regions around the world to benefit from what we have to offer.”

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