Insecurity: Ogun Residents Will Suffer If We Join Strike – Pharmaceutical Society

The Ogun State chapter of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) says it would not participate in the ongoing strike by some health workers over the rising insecurity in the state.

The Nigerian Medical Association and the National Association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives in Ogun, on Tuesday, commenced industrial action over recent kidnapping of health care workers in the state.

In a week, suspected Fulani herdsmen had abducted 3 health workers, two of which had since been released. 

THE WHISTLER had reported that a dental therapist, who works at the General Hospital in Ijebu-Igbo was abducted while journeying to work, and as of Saturday is yet to be released.

However, the state’s PSN in a statement on Saturday, said the people of Ogun would be at the losing end if all sectors of the state health system should down their tools.

The Chairman of the association, Lawrence Aiyelabola,  during the briefing in Abeokuta, empathized with the workers over the situation but noted that the body won’t be in a hurry to withdraw its services.

“We cannot condemn the action of NMA and NANMM, but PSN as a professional body, we are not in a hurry to withdraw our services.

“We are nonchalant because the people we are providing services to are the citizenry, they are the ones that will suffer.

“Imagine, I call for withdrawal, that means all pharmaceutical companies will be closed, all the community pharmacy, all the drug shops will be closed even in the industry.

“So, the influence of the PSN is enormous, we are extra careful in calling out our members on strike.

“The professional bodies that have called for the strike, yes, they have their reasons for doing that. We are holding this press briefing to call the attention of the members to know we have a listening governor that has called us several times to discuss.

“Under PSN, we have technical bodies that once they call for a strike, our members will comply. But as a professional body, this is not the line we want to toll.

“It’s not as if in future time we cannot call for strike but the health of the citizenry is important. The people that called for a strike are not too happy about it. But when you think that nobody is listening to you, there’s nothing you won’t do to get yourself protected and listened to and that is the essence of the strike,” he said.

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