Is Office Romance Good Or Bad?

Have you ever found yourself crushing on a co-worker and haven’t been sure whether or not to pursue it?

Sometimes, office romance results in a toxic mess and even termination of appointments, but other times, things work out and your desk mate might just turn out to be your soul mate.

Office romance is a situation in which co-workers of an establishment become romantically involved with one another.


THE WHISTLER recently asked readers to share their views on office romance and they responded with everything from disastrous affairs to heart-warming love stories.

Below are some of their responses:

“it is a very bad idea, trust me never do it. I experienced it and stopped it before it became messy.” Miss Loveth Albert said.


She further enumerated reasons not to fall in love with your colleague saying “There is a high chance he/she is playing with you. It becomes quite easy when your co-worker does anything to win your heart.

“It destroys your focus and ultimately affects your career. You will think more and do less and if it goes seriously wrong, be ready to pack your belongings, because every hour in the office will be absolute hell after a break up as you will have to face them.”


Also sharing his views, a music producer said “For a married couple, it is bad and a no! But for unmarried, I see it as a means to an end, safety or destruction.

“I won’t say it’s bad because many times it ends beautifully and fewer times it ends badly.”

Backing up his views, the producer said there is no laid down rule to love so it can happen anywhere, anyhow, to anyone “So the office is not an exception”.

Speaking from experience, Mr Joel Oseni said “Hmm, I have been in one before and it didn’t work out well.

“She was a terrorist; all the other office babes were running from me in fear.


“It didn’t affect my work directly though, but it affected my relationship with other staff, from jealous guys and scared babes and it just brought about too much drama.

“The guys she had previously said no to, started beefing me, while the ladies didn’t want trouble because the babe was a relative of the owner of the company.”

On her own part, Miss Imole Balogun said, “it is bad as it may lead to unserious attitude exhibited by workers towards work and subsequently may lead to a fall of the organisation as it may promote immoralities, etc.

“On the other hand, it could be of good advantage martially as potential couples could emerge.”


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