Israeli Passport Holders Banned From Saudi Arabia – Minister 

Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry has said Israeli passport holders are not be allowed to visit the kingdom at the “current time.”

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, Faisal Al Saud, made this known recently, following a comment credited to Israel’s interior minister, that its citizens could only visit Saudi Arabia for religious and business reasons, if permitted by Saudi authorities.

But Al Saud stressed that the kingdom’s dealings with Israel will also be moderated by a peace truce with Palestine.

“Our policy is fixed. We do not have relations with the state of Israel and Israeli passport holders cannot visit the kingdom at the current time,” CNN quoted Farhan as saying.

“When a peace agreement is reached between the Palestinians and the Israelis, I believe the issue of Israel’s involvement in the region will be on the table.”


Reuters reports that Israel’s Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri, after consulting with the country’s security establishment, issued a statement saying Israelis would be allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia under two circumstances: For religious reasons – on a pilgrimage for the Hajj, or for up to 90 days for business reasons.

The comments are coming ahead of a Middle East peace plan of the United States President, Donald Trump; geared towards proffering solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was at the White House on Monday, for the meeting.

But Palestine officials had condemned the proposed US plan.


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