Mega Fraud In NNPC: Nigeria Cannot Consume 50 Litres of Petrol, Saraki Fumes

Senate President Bukola Saraki


President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki has debunked the claim by the federal government that the country consumes fifty (50) million litres of fuel daily, calling it a ‘Big Time Fraud’.

Dr Saraki who spoke in a one-on-one chat with Channels TV’s Seun Okinbaloye on Wednesday, said there is no way the country can consume that quantity of fuel as he alleged it is another avenue of siphoning money by the current administration.

He noted that if the Jonathan government was labeled corrupt because of fuel subsidy, “today’s government that claim they were going to come and clean things out are doing the same.”


Saraki said, “During the fuel scam, one of the major issues that came up was that we were importing fuel based on assumption of thirty million litres consumption daily and all experts will tell you is that Nigeria cannot consume, maximum twenty two million litres per day. So at that time we said the Jonathan government was condoning corruption by allowing us to be importing fuel, and because of that we were losing a lot of money because instead of capping at twenty million litres a day we were doing about thirty million litres a day”

“Now you will have thought that a government that wants to fight corruption, prevent leakages, even if you going to maintain subsidy, you would ensure that the subsidy is better managed , instead at thirty million you bring down, the government is doing at fifty million, so we are not consuming, we cannot consume fifty million litres a day. It is just money being stolen. It is big time fraud.”

The Senate President disclosed that the national assembly has tried on several occasions to investigate the issues but the agencies of government involved in this are emboldened to disregard the National Assembly’s invitations and investigations, adding that he recommended including fuel subsidy into last year’s budget but the NNPC convinced the President against it.

The Atiku Abubakar’s Presidential Campaign DG further disclosed that the President decided to bring into the budget subsidy which he ought to have done long ago, adding that: “these kinds of decisions are left to leakages. This is the real corruption because the main source of our revenues is the NNPC, so if you are losing based on fifty million litres, that is the biggest corruption, not chasing a local government chairman or commissioner. If in 2015 we could kick out Jonathan’s government for fuel subsidy scam that was based on thirty million litres, and today’s government that claim they were going to come and clean things out are doing the same, then things have not improved. Things are even going worse”


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