Journalist Sets Himself On Fire Over Harsh Economic Conditions

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A journalist in Tunisia, Abderrazek Zorgui, has died after setting himself ablaze over “harsh social circumstances and a lack of hope.”

His death has sparked clashes in Tunisia between protesters and police for a second night.

Zorgui had posted a video on social media before he died on Monday, saying that he was going to set himself alight due to the difficult social circumstances experienced by him and his family.


In a statement, Tunisia’s national journalists’ union said Zorgui died after he set himself ablaze “due to harsh social circumstances and a lack of hope.”

The union also condemned “the countries which have contributed to making the field of journalism a hot-bed for corruption” and added that it would be announcing a series of protests in the coming days.

After Zorgui’s death, CNN reports that demonstrators clashed with police on the streets of Kasserine in western-central Tunisia.

Police used tear gas to disperse protesters whom it accused of burning tires, blocking several roads and throwing rocks, state news agency TAP reported.


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