Kaduna Train Attack: Survivor Narrates How Teenage ‘Fulani Bandits’ Seized Train, Kidnap VIP Passengers

A survivor of the Kaduna train attack, Maimuna Ibrahim said the terrorists who attacked the train on Monday were between the ages of 18 and 22 years and they spoke in a language similar to those of the Fulani breed.

Ibrahim who sustained bullet injuries on her thigh said the teenage terrorists were fair in complexion and had their heads covered with a turban. She said that the attackers came in five Siena vehicles and overpowered the security personnel in the train.

They had detonated a bomb and caused the train to derail, giving them access to attack.

In an interview with Arise Television, and monitored by THE WHISTLER, Ibrahim said the terrorists went to the VIP session of the train and kidnapped many of the passengers.

“We were 20 minutes away from Kaduna when the incident happened. As we were moving, we heard something like a bomb but the train didn’t stop immediately. It continued moving but there were gunshots all over. The terrorists kept shooting until the train finally stopped.

“So, they asked us to put off the light in the train but the only light that got off was the one in Coach 20 where I was. They were busy shooting the windows and they manage to break the windows and they entered Coach 17 and the VIP session.

“So, when the terrorists were busy abducting the passengers in Coach 17 and the VIP session, I saw them, they were like three or four in the train. They were flogging and sending them out, saying ‘Allahu Akbar’.

“A patient here, who has now been discharged told me that they brought five Siena cars and they filled them up with people. So, it was when they were coming back for more, that the Soldiers came.

“But I got shot in my leg, I think it is the flying bullet. I didn’t even notice it was a (gun)shot at that time because I didn’t feel the pain because of what was going on. I didn’t notice it was my leg that got shot.

“And yes, they were young guys between the ages of 18 to 20, the highest is 22 and they look like Fulani. They were speaking one language like that and they don’t look like Nigerians,” Ibrahim narrated.

The survivor who is currently at the St Gerald hospital, Kaduna receiving medical treatment came into Abuja on the said day to submit her Curriculum Vitae for a job and was returning to her base that evening when the incident occurred.

The Kaduna State government as well as the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), is yet to disclose the number of persons abducted, 72 hours after the attack.

The NRC had on Wednesday revealed that 398 passengers bought tickets for the trip, but 362 were validated as having boarded the train.

There were also reports that a Director of the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) and his family were among those abducted.

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