Kemi Olunloyo Warns Tacha Against Berating BBNaija Show

Controversial Journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has told ex Big Brother Naija star, Tacha Akide, not to ever berate the Big Brother Nigeria show.


This came after Tacha released a video where she laughed at claims that the BBN reality TV show helped her in becoming a celebrity.

In a short viral TikTok video posted on her Twitter page, Tacha, on Thursday said the reality show only gave her a platform, asserting that in return for the platform, she gave Big Brother a show.

She said: “Helped whose life? What? Oh my gosh!! Una dey crack me up for this app o, legit! Big Brother gave me a platform, Tacha gave Big brother a freaky show. What pepper dem season without Tacha like? Get your facts right.

“And listen, it is not compulsory to put a comment on every post, some post, just jump and pass if you do not have anything to say, nobody will beat you, okay?”

Nigerians and some celebrities who spoke on her post advised the reality TV star to stay humble and not bite the finger that fed her.


Taking to her Instagram page @kemiolunloyo, told Tacha, not to ever berate Big Brother Nigeria.

She wrote, “Tacha in your case fall comes before pride. You fell and was disgraced off BBNaija. Never forget that. Your pride now is because you fell. I felt the same way when I was deported from ???? for antagonizing gun laws meant to kill black children.

“See how the next Prime Minister @justinpjtrudeau embraced me. In my case even though I did nothing wrong, the word “deported” will always trail my immigration record when I apply for visas. I tell the truth on visa applications, they check with Canadian authorities then issue me a visa.

“In your case, you antagonized Mercy Eke and have never said sorry. Even though I was a popular Journalist in USA, it was when they kicked me out of Canada and the next PM who was my lawmaker at the time got people to really know me in Nigeria.”

Kemi, went on to tell Tacha no one knew her before the BBN show and also asked her to apologize to Mercy Eke.

“Sincerely darling nobody knew you before the show. You didn’t give them a show with bad behaviour. 90 per cent of your fans have unladylike aggressive attitudes.

“Change that in them. Disassociate from the rude fans, emulate kindness and amicable relationships, apologize to @official_mercyeke. Yes you have your business, endorsements etc, all that doesn’t last. The Social Media contagion is temporary.”

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