Lagos Motorist Extorted By Police Gets N52000 Refund

A victim of police extortion has been fully refunded after an investigation by the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA).

General Manager, LASTMA, Olajide Oduyoye, told newsmen that the crime was committed by the police squad attached to the Enforcement Unit.

He said: “On Monday, I investigated a case of extortion involving a lady whose vehicle was arrested wrongfully…

“…When police squad attached to the LASTMA Enforcement Unit went to enforce the law on one-way driving without LASTMA personnel.

“While making arrests, this innocent motorist was also picked up and her vehicle brought to the headquarters. The vehicle was not booked for any offence.

“They negotiated from N150,000 and ended up fining her N52,000 using a POS for payment.

“She then called the LASTMA contact number and the incident was brought to my notice. I insisted on investigating the issue, identified the officer involved and the money was retrieved.

“We called the lady to return to LASTMA Headquarters to collect her money.

“She came with her mum and they were extremely grateful. We will be sending a report to the Police formation for them to start the process of reprimanding the officer involved”.

According to Oduyoye, he investigated the case which happened on Monday to ensure the victim got her money back.

He, however, stressed that the unit will not tolerate any unprofessional attitude from any of its officers including those attached to it.

He added that the unit will continue to encourage road users to send reports of any errant officer via their complaint channels.