Lagos To Set Up E-Commerce Hub For Agro Producers

The Lagos State Government has announced plans to set up an e-commerce hub for agriculture producers in the state.

The State government in a statement said the hub would enable the production of farm produce in hygienic condition for export purposes.

The State Acting Commissioner for Agriculture, Abisola Olusanya, stated this during the inspection tour of venues of the Eko City Farmers’ Market.

The venues were St. Georges Primary School, Falomo, Lagos and Opebi Primary School, Opebi.

Olusanya said the hub would create export opportunities noting that it would be located in a central location where all the certification of produce would take place.

She said, “We are trying to set up hubs or platforms where we are able to get our producers to come together to produce in sanitary and hygienic conditions for us to be able to get organisations like SON, NAFDAC to do a sort of assessment on the items being produced for us to export.”

She explained that the state plans to reduce the many channels and protocols to certify their products.

Olusanya noted, “When you talk about app-tech and e-commerce, I think we have a platform for that in the Eko City Farmers Market, which is suppose to connect the producers to the consumers and whosoever want to buy along any value chain that exists already.”

She said in the statement that the job of the State Government is to create the enabling environment to ensure that there is ease of doing business across board.

She said businesses could approach the Ministry of Agriculture for help and support, adding that the government is willing to provide such support.

She said, “We have the agric-business department which actually has the mandate to be able to do farmer linkages to consumers, to farmers, to even the export community and to other stakeholders across the value chain. I believe that platform has been setup already.

“I believe in app-tech space, yes a lot will be done, a lot still need to be done and like I had said before we also trying to connect to the our sister Ministry, which is the Ministry of Science and Technology to develop an app-tech hub to encourage the youth to actually bring innovative solution in the agric space, so we believe we are doing that.”

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