LASTMA: Fraudsters Ask Public To Fill Online Survey Form

General Manager of Lagos State Traffic Management Authourity (LASTMA), Olajide Oduyoye, has reacted to an online public survey form currently circulating online and purported to be issued by LASTMA, saying no such survey was being conducted by the organization.

In the form, respondents are being asked if they had been previously extorted by LASTMA officials.

But Oduyoye denied the issuance of the survey form designed with LASTMA logo. The link is here

He explained that the organization had not been able to trace the source of the survey form, adding that it is a faceless group who may have fraudulent motives and willing to take advantage of members of the public and road users.

He advised the public to be wary of the link and try to verify any such links which they may come across from time to time before acting on such, in order not to run into the trap of fraudulent elements.

Oduyoye also advised the faceless publishers of the on-line survey form to engage themselves in productive ventures rather than wasting their time and energy on negative activities that damage the image of the government and its agencies.

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