#Lent: Pope Urges Catholics To Be Reconciled To God

Leader of the Catholic Church worldwide, Pope Francis, has admonished members of the denomination and other Christians to see the lent season as a period of reconciliation to God.

In the Catholic calendar, the Lent period is usually a season of prayers and other religious rites.

It starts on (Ash) Wednesday (17 February,2021) and would elapse on the night before Easter Sunday.

Pope Francis, in a tweet on Thursday, said all hope was not lost so long as people can seek God.

“#Lent is precisely the season of hope when we turn our gaze back to the God who is patient. Saint Paul passionately urges us to place our hope in reconciliation: Be reconciled to God” (2 Cor 5:20),” he tweeted.

Earlier, the pope issued a press release on Wednesday given details as to why the Catholic faithfuls should not joke with the period.

He said he was aware that humanity was battling with personal and societal issues that only God’s intervention could address.

“All of us have spiritual infirmities that we cannot heal on our own. All of us have deep-seated vices that we cannot uproot alone. All of us have paralyzing fears that we cannot overcome alone,” he stated.