LG’s New K7i Keeps Mosquitoes Away


LG says its latest smartphone could help keep mosquitoes away.

The LG K7i, launched by the South Korean firm at the India Mobile Congress this week is embedded with a technology that is “absolutely safe and harmless for humans,” the company said.

LG said the technology emits ultrasonic waves from a mesh grid on the back of the phone to keep mosquitoes away.


The “mosquito-away” is already installed in some LG products such air conditioners and TVs, but this is the first time its being used in a smartphone.

LG says the K7i had a 72% success rate during clinical trials in repelling disease-spreading mosquitoes.

The company said it is considering rolling out the $122 smartphone in other countries, after it debut in India earlier in the week.

“The company has set a benchmark for ensuring the health of Indian consumers,” Amit Gujral, LG’s chief marketing officer in India, told CNNMoney.


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