LP Replies Tinubu: ‘Those Who Said You’ll Labour In Vain Will Perish’

The Director General of the Peter Obi/Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed Campaign Organisation, Doyin Okupe has taken a dig at the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, saying those who said Labour Party members will labour in vain will perish in vain.

Okupe made this statement on Thursday at the Labour Party and Coalition for Peter Obi Leadership Summit in Abuja.

Doyin Okupe was making reference to the statement made by Tinubu during the APC governorship rally in Osun State.

Tinubu had during his remarks at the rally said, “The voting is now in your hand. Be very vigilant. Be watchful. You will not do it in vain.

“Think about your children and vote accordingly so you can see the future. Come out en masse. Don’t mind PDP and other mushroom parties — parties like Labour; they will labour till they die. God will not make you labourers.”

Okupe, who defected to the Labour Party alongside the candidate of the party, Peter Obi in May from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said, “Those who said you will labour in vain will perish in vain.”

The former Senior Special Assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Public Affairs opined that while it is incontestable that the future of Nigeria is the heritage of every citizen, every family and section, and every community; it is important and realistic to underline that the youths are the biggest beneficiaries of a better Nigeria.

He argued that if Nigeria continues in “its present sordid misdirection of waste and woe, your hardship will continue, and all of us, both young and not so young, will continue to suffer.”

He assured the youths that their efforts to elect Obi as President in 2023 is “for the sake of your future, for the provision of opportunities, for the nurturing of talent, for more jobs, for better services, for improvements to your lives, and for the future of your children. And today let me say to all of you here… You will never labour in vain.”

Okupe added that the response, support, enthusiasm and voluntary action coming from “the youth, on this journey of national recovery, has not only been overwhelming, but has been widely acknowledged, as one of the biggest and most rapid, voluntary political mobilisations, in present time, and we are indeed very very grateful.

“Our opponents, confounded by our boundless passion, have sought to underplay our unprecedented organisation, but we are not trying to impress anyone, we are only acting to our true conviction.”

On what’s expected of them during next year’s election, Okupe advised that, “To leave their homes early on election day, patiently and vigilantly comply with all the election processes, and finally ensure that we achieve a majority of counted votes in each ballot box, nationwide, for the objective of electing Mr Peter Obi as President, Dr Yusuf Datti as Vice President, and every other Labour Party candidate presented in these elections.

“This must continue to be our focus… to move from our keyboards, WhatsApp groups and virtual platforms to join others in rigorous field engagement – convincing, impressing upon, enlightening, preaching, explaining, and doing all we can legally,

“To get people, not just to agree to our message, but to be so committed as to understand and practicalise the action of collecting their PVCs, informing themselves of voting arrangements, notices and plans of the Party. And getting up in the morning on election day, moving to the polling booth and standing firmly together and at alert, until the results are entered, announced and electronically transmitted, including resisting legally, any form of malpractice or intimidation.

“How to effectively, expertly and convincingly achieve this focus and objective, is our mandate in this movement, and that is what has brought all of us together here, today.

“We must not leave here, without everybody adjusting their thinking, their work schedule, their time, personal and group style, strategy and tactics, to this very important and fundamental objective: how to bring out the people who will deliver and protect the majority votes in each and every polling station, across the country, without exemption.

“Some people, had in ignorance, branded our efforts and your efforts, as only existing on the internet, online, or on social media, as has best suited their fancies,

“However, their voices are now muting, and they are no more persisting in this delusion, having seen the massive ground turnout and unprecedented public responses, in public sensitisation outings, and public appearances of our principal candidates and other candidates of our great Labour Party.

“Our methods shall continue to confound those on the other side, and seeing our sincerity, resolve and progress, they will continue to abandon the sinking ships of no destination where they are currently sustained in hopelessness, to our new direction of hope, truth and light.. which is growing daily, beyond all prediction.

“Our young people on social media are the sparks which have ignited this campaign, and they must now transform to the disciples, the evangelists, the canvassers, polling agents, community volunteers, anti-rigging vanguards, the practical mobilisers and actualizers, that will sweep away the much bandied ‘structures’ of the worn and tired older parties, who have brought nothing but suffering, corruption, insecurity, mistrust, vote buying, and despair to our people all over the country.”

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