Microsoft Launches Its ‘Ultimate Laptop’ The Surface Book

Multinational technology company, Microsoft has launched its first ever laptop, the Microsoft Surface Book.

The Surface Book is a lot more than a laptop. The screen is actually fully removable so that it can be used as a tablet. If you put the screen back on, you can also choose to flip it all the way around and use it like a convertible, with the keyboard propping it up.


The monitor contains the latest Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, and the keyboard base has a graphics processing unit (GPU) that boosts the laptop’s performance. In addition, about three-fourths of the device’s battery life is stored in the keyboard. (A fully charged battery can last 12 hours).

The launch marks the latest step by Chief Executive Satya Nadella to improve on the release of Windows 10, which Microsoft said on Tuesday, was now running on 110 million devices around the world.

“We now begin a new chapter of Windows 10 with new devices built for Windows 10,” Nadella said at the launch.

“What matters most is the mobility of your experience more than the mobility of any specific device.”

The Surface Book is noticeably tough. The tablet portion of the laptop weighs 1.6 pounds, and the whole unit weighs about 3.5 pounds. 

The Surface Book will go on sale October 26th with prices beginning at $1,499. Pre-orders will begin October 7th.


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