Miracle!103-Year-Old Man Survives COVID-19

A 103-year-old man has recovered from COVID-19 in Pakistan.

The survivor, Aziz Abdul Alim, was discharged last week from an emergency response centre after testing positive in early July.

According to Reuters,Alim is now one of the oldest survivors of the infection in the world.

“We were worried for him given his age, but he wasn’t worried at all,” Alim’s son, Sohail Ahmed, told Reuters on the phone from his village, close to Pakistan’s border with China and Afghanistan.

So far Pakistan has registered more than 270,000 cases of the disease and 5,763 deaths.

The total number of confirmed cases in the world currently stands at 15,826,070.

From the total global confirmed cases,9,645,620 have been discharged with 639,590 deaths recorded.

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