Muslim-Muslim Ticket Unconstitutional, ‘Barefaced Heartlessness’- Adegboruwa Warns Political Elite

Human rights activists Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa SAN has warned presidential candidates or political parties not to undermine the constitution by fielding a Muslim-muslim ticket in a fragile nation like Nigeria.

Adegboruwa, particularly calling out the All Progressive Congress, stated on Tuesday that it will be a contravention of the 1999 constitution to contemplate such.

He stated:

“In the face of section 10 of the Constitution, where do we garner the banal courage to propagate a Muslim-Muslim ticket in this fractured entity? The audacity of such barefaced heartlessness beats any imagination.

“What could be the rationale? Superiority of faith? Enforcement of international conspiracies? A new form of Jihad? Or is it a matter of distrust for or supposed inferiority of South West Muslims? It is still the same elite, who throw up these bankrupt theories to create friction where there should be none.

“Even if the Christian population were to be less than it is now, the liberal concept of freedom of religion and thought should weigh in to balance the power equation. A representative of the Muslim faith has been in the saddle since 2015, with little or no capacity to tame the monstrous incursion of the jihadists, who even descend on innocent Muslims without thought.

” And yet the statistics show that from the South-South to the South-East, there is an incontestable monopoly of faith across the land and some would have us believe that they do not matter. In what way do we explain to those of them in Ondo, in Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun and Oyo States that they should continue to play second fiddle due to the recklessness of some power monsters who love to deploy religion as a tool for power retention. Just perish the thought altogether.”

Presidential flagbearers have until June 17 to announce their running mates but Adegboruwa advised that it is in the interest of justice, equity and fairness for them not to have vices of same religion.

He wrote:

“So it is that after eight years of this corrupt administration, this inept and totally bankrupt contraption, it is convenient for them to canvass merit, in order to jettison the concept of power rotation. They even claim most unashamedly that religion does not exist in Nigeria any longer, as if the war by Boko Haram and ISWAP is to entrench ecclesiastical rule. “They make desperate reference to the Muslim-Muslim ticket of Abiola/Kingibe, in a country where it has become so dangerous to even reveal your baptismal name, where attending a church service to worship freely has become a nightmare.

“We hear these things in hushed tones, of conspiracies to Islamize Nigeria, of meetings held across continents with specific agenda to impose religion and keep others in bondage. That any leading member of the All Progressive Congress will openly and shamelessly propound such an idea smacks of the greatest hypocrisy for a party that boasts of a Manifesto of secularity.

“This corrupt elite, found nothing wrong in electing the Chairman of the opposition party from the same region as their presidential aspirant, just so as to capture power and continue the regime of primitive accumulation of ill-gotten wealth at the expense of the nation.”

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