‘My Heart Is Lonely Today’ – Journalist Remembers Late Wife In An Emotional Post

An Abuja-based journalist, Teddy Nwanunobi, has penned an emotional post in remembrance of his late wife, Jane Ogochukwu Maduanusi-Nwanunobi, who died a year ago.

Nwanunobi lost Jane whom he fondly calls “my laughter” just few months to her 37th birthday.

The journalist took to his Facebook page to pen an emotional tribute to his late wife, telling how lonely he feels and how his heart is still heavy one year after she was snatched by the cold hands of death.

He wrote:

My Angel On Transit: One Year After


“Agu m (my Lion), I’m gone. But I’m still with you.”

It was on a late Thursday night (11:43 p.m. to be precise) when God called you to join Him and His angels and saints. It was His will – yes. But I’ve been heartbroken.

Mama, one year has passed since that sad night; but you still live in my heart.

You’ve spoken to me through some people. I’ve only seen your shadows here and there.

But you woke me up today with these words:


“Agu m, I’m gone. But I’m still with you. I’m one of the stars that shine at you at nights. Yes, you’re right to think of me as gone; but sincerely, I’m still with you each day, praying and waiting for you to be fine. This is one thing I want you to know: I’m still with you.”

Always caring, fond to be with, gentle, kind, loving, soft, tender, true and understanding; but she was misunderstood.

You were more than my wife. You were my confidant. You were my partner in every good thing that I did while we lived together.

You told me the right dress to wear – the clothes that matched, and the perfect footwear to go out with.

I’m sad in my memory, my heart is lonely today. In silence, I think of you.

No one sees me cry. They say:

“You’re a strong man.” “I love your courage.” “That’s the spirit, Man.” “You’re a very brave guy. I love that.”

But I shed many silent tears when they’re fast asleep.

No one knows how much I miss you. No one knows the bitter pain I’ve suffered since I lost you. Life has never been the same since that night – a night I’ll love to forget.


My heart is still heavy that you’re gone. But you’re better in heaven, far better than here. The only thing is that I miss you (because I loved you so dear).

You were my laughter – one of your best attributes.

I’ll like to thank God for keeping that laughter with me, and for giving me the strength during the past year through you – my family and friends.

Thank you all, my family and friends!

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