#NelsonMandelaDay: UN Secretary General Calls For Investment In Education To Tackle Inequality

António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) says that quality education plays a vital role in the sustainable development of any nation.

Guterres discussed this on Saturday, at the eighteenth (18) annual Nelson Mandela Lecture, conveyed virtually.

When asked if ” education inequalities create deepening chasms in society?,” he responded in the affirmative, stressing that a country is a direct reflection of its education system.

“Pre-school education is the most important a determining factor in creating equalising factors in society.

“Invest in basic and secondary education,”
Guterres added.

Furthermore, he said that the world was fast changing and that digital technology was critical to attain modern relevance in all fields.

Hence, he advised that digital literacy be introduced in the education process so as to grow a population who are fit for such a time as this.

“Don’t just focus on education, but also digital literacy, which is now absolutely essential.

“We need to invest massively in bringing the internet to everybody.

We need to invest massively in bringing digital technology to state institutions,” he said.

The late Nelson Mandela, was a freedom fighter whose sacrifice destroyed Apartheid in his country.

His legacy is a model of leadership for many across the world.

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