Why Nigeria Could Not Save 14 Nationals Executed For Drugs In Indonesia–Abike Dabiri

The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) has disclosed that the Federal Government could not do anything to save about 14 nationals that were executed in faraway Indonesia for drug trafficking because the affected Nigerians broke the country’s laws.


NiDCOM is under the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Speaking on Arise Television’s ‘Morning Show’ program, the Chairman, NIDCOM, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa warned that Indonesia’s law stipulates death sentence for those convicted for carrying drugs.

She explained that the federal government may not be able to succesefully help anyone who defaults a host country’s laws.

“For instance, in Indonesia, we have about 14 Nigerians that have been killed because they carried drugs. The Nigerian government has pleaded and has begged but they said that is our law.

“The fact that they are Nigerians don’t matter, others are also in the same picture, what do you do in that circumstance? We’ve pleaded.


“But the true thing is when you get to Indonesia, the first thing you see is ‘do not carry drugs or you die.’ Then you still go on and carry the drugs and you think oh Nigeria will beg for us,” she said.

Dabiri-Erewa advised Nigerians living overseas to be law abiding.

She said being law abiding is for their own good and to serve as good ambassadors of their home country.

“My advise to Nigerians is this, if you go to other countries, just obey the laws of the country and do the best that you can in that country. Like the president will say, be good ambassadors of your country and do not forget home and conduct yourselves very very well, wherever you find yourselves,” she said.

She also warned against changing one’s name when they arrive at another country.


“Bearing another name, I don’t think that should be the right thing to do, in any circumstance.

“If you are in a country, legally, let the mission know,” she added.


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