Nigeria Exports Goods Worth N744.9 Billion To India In Q1 2019

A new report of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released on Tuesday shows that Nigeria exported goods worth N744.9 billion to India in Q1 2019.


The commodity price indices on the NBS website indicates that  Nigeria’s export trade to India accounted for 16.43 per cent of total exports having it  largest export commodity to be  crude oil valued N684 billion and liquefied natural gas at 47.1 billion naira.

Other commodities stated included Sesame seed (beniseed) valued at six billion naira, Urea at N2.5 billion naira, liquefied natural gas valued at N70.96 billion and parts for boring or sinking machinery worth N1.1billion.

According to the bureau, Nigeria also exported crude oil worth N229.2 billion to France.

In terms of imports, the main commodities imported were motor spirits valued at N15 billion, and lubricating oils worth N3.2 billion.

Other exports include additives for lubricating oils at N1.5 billion and Malt not roasted at N1.3 billion.


China, Spain, France and Netherlands were also major trading partner countries of Nigeria in the period under review.

The trade in goods statistics compilation by NBS was largely from secondary data source including the Nigerian Customs Service through the Nigeria Integrated Customs Information System.


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