Nigeria Power Generation Drops To 3,000mw From 4, 062

Nigeria’s power situation seems to have taken a hit as the country’s electricity grid has dropped to 3, 000mw from 4,062 megawatts (mw) due to constraints of gas supply shortage and turbine faults.

The Nigeria System Operator (NSO) had indicated that the grid peaked power generation of 4,160mw on January 1, 2017 dropped to 3,432mw last week, and further declined to 3,098mw on Sunday, causing a total loss of 1,062mw.


Several parts of the country have complained of poor power supply with the Ikeja DISCO apologizing on Monday to its customer over the situation.

In Abuja, residents and businesses in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, are groaning over the poor power situation as most parts of the city now go days without public power supply.

The dire power situation has seen most parts of the city centre in pitch darkness in the night as most of the street lamps are off.

Our correspondent reports that even areas like the Three Arms zone which has the Federal Secretariat, National Assembly Complex, Court of Appeal and extends to the Presidential Villa are these days enveloped in darkness.


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