Nigerian Hollywood Actor Aspires To Become First Black James Bond

British-Nigerian actor, David Oyelowo, has made known his desire to become the first black James Bond.


The filmmaker said during a chat with The Times, that the significance of him playing the role is not lost on him.

According to Oyelowo, playing a character like James Bond would “expand horizons” and it will give a generation of black youngsters a superhero to identify with.

He said: “The significance of someone like me playing a role like James Bond is not lost on me. It is going to be something that will expand horizons,” he said.

“One of the most beautiful things I have seen in America on Halloween is white kids running around in Black Panther costumes.

“I did not have a superhero to identify with growing up on a council estate in Islington. It was all Superman. That these things are very important is not lost on me.”


Oyelowo is famous for his role in “A United Kingdom”, the role of a chess coach in “Queen of Katwe”. He has played supporting roles in the films Rise of the “Planet of the Apes”, “Lincoln”, “Jack Reacher”, portraying Louis Gaines in “The Butler”. On television, he played MI5 officer Danny Hunter on the British drama series “Spooks”.

He also starred in the HBO original film Nightingale


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