Nigerian Lady Cries Out As Male Stalker Mounts Surveillance At Her Residence, Office

A Nigerian lady has called out an unknown man who has been stalking her for over three days in a bid to ask for her hand in marriage.

The lady, simply identified as Mazikeen (@Munaahh_) on twitter, lamented over the unwanted and repeated surveillance mounted at her residence and place of work by the male stalker.

According to the lady, the stalker resumes at the premises of her office with his laptop every morning and would usually stay until close of work before leaving.

“Please can anyone help me explain why this man had already made himself comfortable again downstairs with his laptop and had started what I’m guessing is his work for today right at the corridor of the office?” she queried in a tweet.

Mazikeen shared a series of tweets in which she threatened to “stab” the unknown man if he continued to stalk her.

She also shared an audio recording where the alleged stalker could be heard insisting on getting to know and marry her.

Mazikeen shared another video which showed the man sitting beside the security man at her place of work.

She said, “I get calls from the office this morning but I was busy so I didn’t pick then I get this message.

“I get to the office because I absolutely refuse to live my life hiding from this bast**d and I ask him before jumping to conclusions if he actually came to see me and he said yes.

“The bast**d is suddenly hiding his face. I wish I could rip off that mask he has on. Anyway, I’ve sha told him, I WILL STAB HIM IF HE COMES NEAR ME AGAIN. I’m very very prepared today. Rubbish

“To put it in context, he always says he’s coming to do something at MTN office. There are about 6 different companies in the building so apparently they can’t stop someone from coming in if the person is going to another office and those ones did not ask for him to be restricted.

“Also, last time after the office closed and he was asked to step out, I met him outside the office building waiting for me,” she cried out.

Some Twitter users advised the lady to report the matter to the police and remain vigilant to avoid any harm.

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