Nigerians Attack Ezekwesili For Saying ‘Nigeria Air’ Must Fail

Former Minister of Education, Dr. Oby Ezekwesili has been attacked on social media by Nigerians after she labelled the National Air carrier project embarked upon by President Muhammadu Buhari’s Government as a waste.

Recall that on Thursday, Ezekwesili on her Twitter page, said that the airline must fail for the sake of poor Nigerians.

However, Most Nigerians took to their twitter page to condemn the minister’s claim, stating that her statement was unpatriotic.

Some of them said her comment stemmed from the hatred she has for President Buhari.

Here are some reactions below:

@Sam23v1purpose “Madam Oby what is your stress wen?It’s beta to bring development than corruption, what did you do to the education sector as a minister? Go and rest before you rest yourself in peace.”

@ComradeAbubakar “No, Ma’am, let’s not be so pessimistic about Nigeria Air. In these days of economic downturn, Nigeria Air may turn out to be one of those opportunities, a kind of silver lining we’re looking for Have you found out about the airline’s business plans? Give them the benefit of doubt.”

@WisemanIzunna “Madam go and sit down you and others are all the problem of this country so don’t play a saint here, even though I don’t support Buhari, APC at least for once I will support them for this giant stride taken.”

@Oyebayos “With all due respect, what do want to gain from your bitterness and hatred for Buhari. This is clearly not in the interest of any Nigerian. Nigeria project is bigger than an individual including PMB, pls learn some humility or become irrelevant history.”

@Bakare_klm “Beyond the issue of pride, it has plenty of economic benefits to Nigerians who rely on foreign airlines for their travelings. One of the mainstays of Kenyan and Ethiopian economies apart from coffees is their thriving aviation industry which has helped in boosting their GDP.”

@Gran_LG “Poverty was there when you were in government. What did you do to alleviate it then? And how do we confront poverty, by creating ventures that will be creating jobs or distributing the money to individuals? Cause you are just complaining of Nigeria air that will provide employment?

@Ishaqbamidele “Madam, whatever respect you have before has vanished with this your outburst of open hatred to the country. It’s now clear you are one of those who wants his country to just collapse just because of your hatred for Buhari. It’s a shame.”

@abiola387 “Stop ranting. The government has a share of 5% with investors having the remaining 95%. Besides, having a national Airline and reducing poverty aren’t mutually exclusive. Just pure hate and your romantic relationship with OBJ is the problem here.”

@Sakaabdulsalam “Deluded EZEKWESILI. She is exposing her ignorance every day, very subjective & deintellectualized.”

@Olatunyatobi “I disagree! The fact remains that the poor will not cease! The project will even provide job opportunities! “Federal government jobs”!

@Ayodejilara “Madam Obi, I disagree with your submission on the ‘National Airline’. 1. FG has only 5% stake in this venture. 2. This is purely private investors business. 3. Job creation. and a lot of other benefits. FG is trying to rejig the economy from different angles.”

@Akisal “Madam, this is arrogance. You are still wrong, it won’t change. You don’t exemplify a good leader. Issue yourself a red card too.”

@Phemmynice “Madam you don’t need to explain urself, there’s poverty in Kenya & Philippine Yet they have a National carrier, u call urself patriotic citizens but came out boldly & pray for a national project to fail because you are not in good term with Buhari is shocking well Nigerians won’t forget this!!

@Amairama “It’s a pity this is coming from a woman of ezekwesili’s standing. You must not love PMB but wishing your country bad luck is totally uncouth.”

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