Nigerians Reacts To 17 Schools Owned By Turkish Terrorists In Nigeria

[caption id="attachment_10368" align="alignnone" width="600"]Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President of Turkey[/caption]

By Abimbola Johnson
Nigerians have reacted to a call made by the Turkish ambassador, Hakan Cakil, urging the Federal Government to shut down 17 Turkish schools in Nigeria over alleged link with a movement led by US-based Fethullah Gülen.

The movement was allegedly responsible for the failed coup attempt in Turkey, which claimed over 200 lives.

The envoy, while alleging that the Gülen Movement was clearly behind the coup attempt, stated that the group planted about 17 schools in Nigeria – Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, Lagos etc.

He revealed that the movement were raising funds through the schools and using the funds for their illegal activities.

The WHISTLER gathered that there has been a political conflict since 2013, between the Turkish Government and the Gülen Movement.

However, the post-coup purge by Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to include the shutting down of about 1,000 schools, the sack of over 53,000 people linked with the movement, the detainment of thousands of people, etc, has not escaped criticism, as some suggest that it is being used as a pretext by Erdogan to enthrone a one man government.

In reaction to the latest development, Nigerians, while wondering the authenticity of the Turkish government claim, advised the Federal Government to thoroughly investigate the allegations to avoid taking reckless decisions.

A Nigerian, Gift, via her twitter handle, @Gift4naija said, “For long, I’ve been inquiring about these foreign establishments. Because arm terrorism in Nigeria started after they surfaced.”

Also speaking, Odum Henry said “Wishful thinking. Is Edrogan himself clean? As at the last count, over 130 media houses has been shut in Turkey.

“Abeg carry yah family wahala go back home and leave Nigeria out of yah palava. We’ve loads on our plate already.”

“Perhaps when the same group bring their weapons to Nigeria and collude with some local elements to start another Jihadist movement one will consider it to be a Nigerian problem. How are you sure that part of the money used to sponsor that coup did not come from Nigeria? We should investigate and deal appropriately with the situation,” said a Nigerian who simply identified himself as Yemi.

Also expressing his opinion, Wasiu Kingsley said that terrorism related issue is everybody problem and it must be addressed collectively.

“If a school in Nigeria is operating under our school curriculum and it is proven to be a terrorist school, that means our school Curriculum need an urgent review.

“This should be an evidence to the fact that all our so called private school should be checked, and our ministry of education is just sleeping and our DSS is only there for politics.

“I think the world is coming back to face the reality. ISIS and other terrorist group were formed by the alliance of Turkey, Arab Nations and some western power due to their desperation to have a regime change in Syria.

“Now the happening is an indication that their hand made fire is starting to be threatening them. If Turkish government is saying that such a terrorist organisation from his land are in Nigeria. Mere closing down will not be the issue it should be investigated among other things; the purpose of such organization in Nigeria, their hand in the killing of Christian preacher in Northern Nigeria, the level of input of the Hospital in treating Boko Haram member that were wounded in military encounters, and all the present and past student of such school will need to go for debriefing as they might have contacted terrorist ideas.”

On his on part, a Nigerian who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, “No! Government should not shut down any school and hospital, they should just transfer the ownership to Nigeria, we cannot avoid loosing jobs at the moment.”

Also speaking, one Lawan Muhammed said that shutting the schools and hospitals is not the solution. “The government should investigate and if found wanting, they should nationalise them and change their name to reflect Nigerian ownership,” he added.

Another concerned Nigerian said, “This Edrogan is very arrogant. They should shut down hospitals and schools. They should send out sick patients and send out school children because Edrogan has personal problems with Fethullag Gulen.

“What is our business with that? Even if the hospitals and the schools will be shut down at all, all the patients must be treated and get well and all the pupils in such schools should have completed their studies (irrespective of the number of years remaining).

“What is happening in Turkey is not our business and we can’t punish our students or patients because of Turkey. Unfortunately I know our government may want to do eye service and act on the “orders” of Turkey.

“Saying they’re using schools in Nigeria for terrorism is a big accusation!!!!! The schools should be taken over by our government. Innocent people can’t suffer for one man’s mistake, muchless, it will affect our already messed up economy if 17 international schools are closed!”

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