Nigerians Tear Into APC Rep Member, Over Ethiopian Plane Crash Joke

Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin, the member representing Kiru/Bebej Federal Constituency of Kano State on the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) has come under fire for a tasteless joke he shared on his verified twitter account.

The lawmaker who is no stranger to controversy, incurred the wrath of his followers and other Nigerians when he tweeted;

“THIS MAN IS IN A MESS! An Ethiopian man told his wife on phone that he was boarding the Ethiopian airline that crashed for a business meeting in Nairobi. Meanwhile he was in a hotel with a side chick. Now he can’t go home because everyone knows he’s DEAD! Suicide or go home?😂😭”


His tone-deaf tweet came just 5 days after 157 people died, including a popular Nigerian scholar, Prof. Pius Adesanmi in a plane crash involving Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 which took off from Addis Ababa headed to Nairobi, Kenya before it went down minutes after take off, killing everyone on board.

The tweet obviously didn’t go down well with most people as they criticized him for “lack of empathy” for the dead and being insensitive to the plights of the victims family who are still grieving the loss of their beloved ones.

A twitter user (@AishaJana) in response tweeted;


“You are a current member of NASS, Federal Republic of Nigeria 🇳🇬. You should not have posted this, common sense should have told you it’s too soon and in bad taste. If you lack personal shame and empathy at least think of the country you represent.”

Another user (GwanduJamilu) added;


“People lost their lives and you joke with it? Childish.”

Others have asked the lawmaker to delete the tweet and show some respect to the victims and their families.

Abdulmunin Bows to Pressure

The lawmaker sensing that his insensitive joke may have been ill-Conceived, quickly deleted the tweet as the barrage of disapproval soared.

Below is a screenshot of the tweet before common sense prvailed on the ‘honourable’ member.


The offensive tweet that got everyone upset


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