NLC Suspends Strike In Imo For Two Weeks

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has temporarily suspended its strike in Imo State against the March 18th State Assembly election.


The union embarked on strike last week, cutting off the electricity supply in the state and the airport over alleged interference of the state government in its activities.

However, the NLC has revealed the suspension of the strike in a statement signed by congress President Joe Ajaero directing workers in the state to return to work after a two-day stand-off with the state government over non-payment of arrears of salaries and pensions.

Ajaero said the suspension of the strike will last only for two weeks, after which, if their demands are not met, it will resume with “more ferocity.”

The NLC Boss said “The suspension of the strike was to ensure an enabling environment for citizens in the state to carry out their civic responsibility by exercising their franchise on the 18th of March, 2023, for the State House of Assembly elections.

“The strike is expected to last two weeks during which the state government and its agencies are expected to meet the demands of the workers in the state”.


“Failure to utilize the window offered by the suspension of the strike will lead to the resumption of the suspended strike with more ferocity,” Ajaero noted.

Following the commencement of the strike on Saturday, the Imo state Governor Hope Uzodinma sacked the state commissioner for labour and productivity, Ford Ozumba.


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