Nollywood Fans Disappointed As AMVCA Snubbed ‘King Of Boys’

The just concluded African Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA) was a night to  remember for its  glitz, glamour, drama and  of course, for its disappointments too.

Many Nollywood fans were disappointed when Kemi Adetiba’s movie, King of Boys, did not win any award, despite been nominated in 11 categories.


Fans have taken to social media to complain about the movie losing in major categories such as Best Overall Movie, Best Movie West Africa, Best Director, (Kemi Adetiba), Best Actress in a Drama (Sola Sobowale), Supporting Actor (Reminisce).

‘King of Boy’ tells the story of Alhaja Eniola Salami, a businesswoman and philanthropist with and a promising political future.

She is drawn into a struggle for power which in turn threatens everything around her as a result of her growing political ambitions.

To come out of this on top, she is caught up in a game of trust, not knowing whom really to look up to, and this leads to her ruthlessness.


See reactions Below:

@Unclepamilerin: “There is politics everywhere. King of Boys was robbed tonight and it’s obvious. #AMVCA7 we see you ooo”.

@blagboi: “King of boys lost in all categories???? I truly don’t think movie awards should be left open to the public to vote, that was how Tacha almost won BBN, film awards should have a selected school of voters like the Oscar does, its rest not fair, KEMI created a masterpiece!”.

@volqx: “King of boys was so good I had to jot lines from it … or wait is it because it’s a female dominant movie? Would it have won if a man played the role? Did the storyline seem vague & unrealistic to the organisers? What exactly makes living in bondage a better story?”.

@taiwoalabiho2: “But they’ll be forgiven, they’d done really good in the past Living in Bondage was a brilliant for Best Director. But certainly not Best Overall Film over King of Boys & don’t get me started on Sola Sobowale & Denola Grey”.


@Omojuwa: “Was there a ban on Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys or what? It looks like they were blacked out at this ongoing award or na my timeline?”

@Datoun: “I wasted my fuel to watch #AMVCA7 and King of Boys didn’t win anything. This is a conspiracy.

I’ve watched most of the movies that won, King of Boys is better than most of them”.

@UNCLE_AJALA: “With that unreal performance by Sola Sobowale, Reminisce and all the actors in King Of Boys, the movie didn’t win #AMVCA7 #AMVCA?, looking like there’s a lowkey beef somewhere. Anyway, congrats to Funke Akindele, I’m so happy for her”.

@ComradeAkpabs: “King of Boys not winning? I laugh in politics”.

@Raschid_bwhizzy: “RT if you think Reminisce, sola sobowale, Kemi adetiba and king of boys all deserved to be awarded tonight”.


@taiwoalabiho2: “Daylight robbery”.

@biolapearl: “This is daylight robbery on King Of Boys. #AMVCA7 Reminisce, Sola Shobowale, Kemi Adetiba were all robbed tonight. Very PAINFUL”.

@oyeen_damolah: “So king of boys was denied an award tonight politics everywhere SMH

She is the only king of boys”.

@metropagemedia: “Honestly, I’m not a movie person but King of Boys deserve International recognition. Everything about the movie is DOPE!”.

@G4celebng: “Did ‘King Of Boys’ or Shola Sobowale just miss out of winning an award tonight? This is robbery in public. #AMVCA7 #AMVCA2020 #AMVCA”.

@Rho_daaaa: “Why are they intentionally ignoring Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys??”.

@EkitiKetekan: “I stand with Shola Sobowale as Best Actress in a Drama, Movie or TV series in the king of boys #AMVCA7”.

‘King of Boys’ is a 2018 Nigerian political thriller written, co-produced and directed by Kemi Adetiba

The Movie is the second movie directed by the actress following the release of The Wedding Party.

It reunites Adetiba with Adesua Etomi and Sola Sobowale, after they worked together in her directorial debut, The Wedding Party.

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