OAU Alumni Raises Alarm Over Illegal Muslim Group Campus

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The Obafemi Awolowo University Muslim Graduates Association (UNIFEMGA) has raised the alarm over possible threat to peace on its Alma Mata following the activities of an alleged illegal Muslim group on the university campus.

National President of the association, Engr. Abdulwaheed Odeyimka, in a petition he warned on the dire consequences of allowing such a “dreaded Muslim group using the name of MSSN to operate on campus.”


“We are greatly disturbed by developments in the university in the last few weeks regarding a group of Muslim students trying to usurp the identity of MSSN-OAU,” he said.

UNIFEMGA alleged that a group of Muslim students led by a certain AbdulRasheed Bakare, a 500-level Pharmacy student, planned a week-long programme tagged: ‘Islamic Awareness Programme’ (IAP) in the name of MSSN-OAU.

“It was surprising to us that a similar successful Jihad Week programme authorised by the school authorities were carried out a week earlier by the registered MSSN on campus.

“We were told that the university authorities convened a meeting of OAUMC, MSSN-OAU and the leadership of the recalcitrant group where the authorities declared that the recalcitrant group should not go ahead with their planned IAP.


“To our dismay, we learnt that the recalcitrant group has held its planned programme for three consecutive days.

“Things went so bad that when the university locked the venue of their first activity in the programme the recalcitrant students forcibly broke doors to gain access. Thereafter, the university authorities have not dared to interrupt their activities.

“We are concerned that things could come to this ugly pass in our alma mater. As Muslims, we know that Islam does not condone violence and disrespect to constituted authority and both have been displayed by these recalcitrant students,” UNIFEMGA lamented.

UNIFEMGA said that it cherishes and will always protect the reputation of OAU as a place of learning and culture, but saying there was nothing to portray learning nor culture in the conduct of the recalcitrant students.

“We are concerned that unless the university immediately stops the IAP, more acts of indiscipline will be carried out with impunity by the group and similar ones.


“Sir, you are aware of the antecedents of this recalcitrant group in the matter of religious extremism and their culture of non-conformism. You are also aware of their connection to a wider circle of religious extremists,” Odeyimka stated.

It recalled that the university has in its records numerous activities of the group that breached the peace on OAU campus.

“It will interest you to note that for similar reasons the group has been flushed out of other universities in the south-west of Nigeria and OAU is the only university in this axis where they have a foothold.

“This explains their convergence on OAU anytime they have a programme there. You may be taking risks of immeasurable proportion if you do not stop their activities now.

“We demand that anyone involved in acts of violence and insubordination in the incident mentioned above should be dealt with summarily in accordance with the extant rules and regulations of the university. This is the only way we can demonstrate that OAU is a civilized community that is governed by rules and not whims”, it advised.

The two-page petition was addressed to the Acting Vice Chancellor of the University and copied to the Minister of Education as well as the Chancellor and Pro Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University.


Others copied were the Secretary-General, Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Chairman and Members, Board of Trustees, MSSN and its National President as well as the security agencies.

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