Obi: I Will Stop Contractors From Making 900% Profit When I Become President

The Labour Party presidential candidate has said if elected, his administration will go hard on wealthy Nigerians without any traceable source of income.


The LP candidate said this on Monday when he was featured on ‘The Candidates’ town hall event with Kadaria Ahmed.

Obi, who noted that corruption kills hard work, said there is a need to incentivize people to go into Small and Medium Scale enterprises.

“Corruption kills hard work, enterprise and innovation, there is a certain disequilibrium in our system. Necessity is the mother of innovation, we need to innovate people to leave the present way of occupation which is government contracts and go into SMEs.

“Our government is coming to make sure that there is no more easy money, that 900 per cent profit that contractors make belongs to all Nigerians, that is what we are going to do that is different when Nigerians realize that they can no longer rely on their relatives in government to make easy money, they have to go into industrialization.

“We must stop wealth without enterprise, all wealth must come with enterprise,” the LP candidate declared.


On the mass exodus of Nigerians to other countries, the former Anambra governor said he will implement policies that will encourage diaspora investments into the country.

“Brain drain will be brain gain in the future, when I and Datti get into power, Nigerians abroad will come back and invest here.
The first foreign investor you attract in any country are the people who have left your country and made money abroad, when they see opportunity they will come back.

“When people bring diaspora remittances we will double it. How are we going to double it? When we provide a conducive environment for them to make more money. Today they are remitting only 5 percent of their income, they will remit 10 to 20 percent and start coming back to invest here.


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